If you are looking to go backpacking or even to travel around the world, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. In reality planning to travel around the world isn’t as complicated as many first timers think.

It’s natural to be slightly nervous about traveling to unknown places and first timers usually over plan in order to put their mind at rest.

Here are the key areas you should cover in order to travel around the world:

Get some motivation for travel

Get an idea of where you want to travel

Save some money

Organise yourself

  • If you have an idea of where you are going then check out the Visa situation for the countries you maybe visiting.
  • Once you know how long you need to save enough money, you can book your flight. This will help you focus and give you a definitive time frame.
  • Buy some travel insurance.
  • Get your vaccinations. Check out Travel Health and visit your local doctors.
  • Buy a backpack and any items you’ll need. Don’t go overboard you probably won’t need the kitchen sink – 5 Reasons Backpackers Should Travel Light.
  • Photocopy your passport, vaccine certificate, insurance, contact details etc.
  • Sort out your banking. Think about opening a Nationwide Flexi Account for a debit card with the cheapest withdrawal charges abroad.
  • Plan and book your airfare with around the world experts.
  • Optional: Buy a guide book, or don’t. See – 5 Reasons Not To Trust Your Guide Book.
  • Optional: Book your first few nights in a hostel. See -  Web Booking Sites For World Travel.

Then Relax

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