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The Open Jaw, or the Double Open Jaw and Stopover  is the  travel industry lingo for flying into one place and flying home from another.  Having the knowledge of this airline fare tool is what separates the real travel pros from the pretenders.  Justfares has years of experience deciphering and decoding the complexities of airline fare and routing rules.  We use these to your advantage, saving you money and time in the air.

The term and it’s variations are best described with examples:

Destination open jaw (or just “open jaw”, this is the most common type): fly Seattle to London and return flight Paris to Seattle. The transportation from London to Paris is not included. However, if you wanted to see both cities, you don’t need to backtrack to London.

Departure open jaw: fly Chicago to Cancun and return Cancun to New York. Again, if Chicago is home, you still need to make it home from New York. But if you also wanted to make a trip to New York, you know only need to buy a one way from New York to Chicago to finish your trip. Double open jaw: How about Seattle to Madrid, return Rome to Guatemala City. So I’ll make my way from Madrid to Rome on the train and as for getting home from Guatemala City, I’ll worry about that later. But wait you say! Aren’t those all just examples of two one-way tickets and wouldn’t that be horribly expensive? Well if you call them one ways you’re right. If you were to book the two legs separately you’d pay an arm and a leg (actually you’d pay about 10 legs since a one way is often outrageously expensive). But on many airline fares, hidden in that bizarre fare rules page that no one in their right mind reads (We read them so you can now assume our sanity is suspect), these are often allowed and considered round trip tickets.

Stopovers: Stopovers can often be added to an Open Jaw fare. This is another great way to maximize your travel dollars and your convenience. If your stopover is a city like London that could easily add $100 to your total ticket price for British departure taxes which you wouldn’t pay on a connection. You can combine the open jaw and the stopover usually. Here’s a really great way to get three destinations in Europe with one round trip fare: British Airways Seattle to Paris with a free stopover in London (the stopover can be several days or weeks or whatever) and Rome to Seattle return.  There are many airlines, fares and routings that can be utilized to accomplish this same concept for your next trip.

Internet search engines are all optimized for simple round trip fares, they’ll generally price them correctly but they can’t go that extra mile to tell you what stopovers are possible or what open jaw cities will work. Justfares will perform all that analysis for you. Its our job and we’re good at it.

Try us the next time you have a simple or complex international flight to price – we love to decipher the rules to your advantage.

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