A>Group Travel - Group Leader Incentives
Added Benefits For the Group Leader(s)
Organizing group trips is no easy task but hopefully the reward lies ahead when you lead your group on a rewarding and satisfying trip. Justfares can also make the group leaders job a bit easier with optional added benefits where possible.

Free Tickets
If you have a group of 10 or more often times Justfares can secure one free ticket for the group leader from the airline we work with. This offer varies and doesnt always exist - nothing is a given with the airlines and they change their policies daily but we always try and our agents will let you know if its possible. For very large groups we can often get 1 free for every 20 people as well allowing more group leaders to attend..

Creative Pricing
If the airlines wont offer us a free ticket we can create free tickets for the leader with creative pricing mechanisms - ask your agent for details.

For an additional fee Justfares can also take the burden from your shoulders to collect money from your group members. With online invoicing and payment notices, its possible for Justfares to email your group members an online invoice detailing amounts due, dates due and ways to pay. Collecting money is often the hardest job for group leaders - we understand and can help.

Call or email your agent to discuss any of the payment options above.